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October 6 Notes

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Political Science
Randall Hansen

POL207 Lecture 4 France 61010 UK: Dominated by party system If you were going to decentralize power, you have to change the electoral system, everything would unravel. Few checks on their power. France: The triumph of Presidential Power th The 4 Republic was divided and unstable, govts lasting months. Changed to highly centralized and stable system. Centralized in Presidential power. French constitutional design o Created in his image (de Gaulle) o Institutions created in the 1958-62 period consolidated by the time of de Gaulles 1969 resignation. o All of this happened bc of May 1958. Context: Algerian crisis Fiscal crisis 15 May made famous attack on the divisions created by political parties who sought parochial interests regime of parties He held himself responsible to assume powers of the Republic. No legal or constitutional basis. His prestige and bc he seemed to be taking the side of the emerging rebellion in Algiers.
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