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October 13 Notes

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Political Science
Randall Hansen

POL207 Lecture 5 October 13 2010 Parliamentary Democracy in Germany Has broad features of British Parliamentary regime, but differs in a number of key respects; 1.Electoral system (PR + 5% threshold) ensures that all governments are coalition governments, requiring cross-party consensus building and compromise 2. Bundesrat (senate or upper house) has an absolute veto over constitutional responsibilities and Laender financing and a suspensive veto over all else; when the government loses its majority in the Bundesrat, there exists a German form of divided government 3. Powerful committee structure ensures that legislators make an independent contribution to the development of policy [discussed in legislative process, below] German governments, 1945-present In most of the governments since 1949 the CDU have been part of government. The FDP has been consistently in power since the 1960s. The German Party System Germany is something of a hybrid of the two systems: Electoral system ensusres multi
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