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Political Science
Wolfram Hilz

POL207 MARCH 12 2012TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT Common trade policy of European unionroots in treaty of romesto Consequence of 1 step of creating a single market but also a check of europena communityo Contribution to harmonious development of world trade while lowering customs barriers General aspectso Result of the customs union and global approacho Common esternal tariffs and import and export regulation since 1970meant common trade policy became on of most integrative policies of the early European communityo Commissioner of Trade Policy as common representativeo Separated in 2 major areas Autonomous part of trade policytarrifs internal trade policy consequence of internal constums union quatitative restrictions determination of import quotas antdumping measuresInternal decisions making process Treatybased trade policyexternal policy How EU memebrs use their economic power in internaltional stage and what makes the EU a world trading power in comparison to others such as Japan US and China Memebrs must find common points of negotiation within the agreement within the trade organization and with
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