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Political Science
Wolfram Hilz

POL207 JAN30 2012INSTITUTIONAL ARCHITECTURE AND DECISIONMAKING IIAimso Understand how the structure of the EU after the Lisbon Treaty looks likeo Understand how the council workso Understand why the European parliament is playing a central role for the EU today o Understand what the community method iso Understand why the European council ahs a central role as steering committee for the EU Councilo Institutionalized guarantee for national interestso Original source of lggitimacy for the European decsisiono Limitation of its former decisionmaking roleo QMV as ordinary decisionmaking procedureo New QMV with the Treaty of Lisbon double majority from nov 2014 At least 65 of members of the council 15 or moreAt least 65 of the population of the uniono 96 articles where QMV applieslink Inside organization of the council and council operation and why it is the main representative of the national stateso 10 council formations General affairs GAC Foreign affairs FAC Economic and financial affairs EcofinAgriculture and fisheriesAgrifishJustice and home affairs councilJHA Employment social policy health and consumer affairs council EPSCOCompetititvenessCOCOMTransport telecommunications and energyEnvironmentENVI Education youth culture and sportEYCo COUNCIL sessions open to public as it pertains to council function as a legislatoreo Council not unified but separated in different council formationso Weekly session of council of ministers Council the stage for national exchange and decisionso Council relies as well on its functioning commiteeso Before taking decision council informs its committee members and try to aline their decisions Council presidencies as lost stage for national projects
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