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Lecture 3

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Political Science
Sebastian Baglioni

France Week 3 Septh 26 th A “German minute”  How Germans deal with their past – 2 articles: 1) Being German is huge burden 2) Germany and the Euro Budersat is allowing France 1) understand its post war situation 2) identify its historical evolution (identify trends, the impact of the past/baggage influence what france does and wants) 3) Analyse its political institutions (past 4-5 decades) 4) Identify its place in Europe 5) Analyse contemporary debates 1)Post was situation  Great Power status  Context: Understand France as people and state in Europe, teach how to be civilized how they see themselves. By the end of 2d world war france still dominates Idea of unifying Europe, what france role would be in it? France has a dominant role. One hand Germany was blamed for the war. Germany is welcome to integrate nad negotiate regain the standing. It will never be driving and dictating force. The UK is In favor of integration of Europe.its not directly involved. So naturally france is the one to take the initiative. Italy was also defeated in the war. France is not as glorious and strong as it used to be. France is weakened at that moment compared to its status in the past. Germany has to be controlled and put down and tell Germany what to do intention. NATIONAL sovereignty In tension with supernational integration In terms of integration, the position of sovereignty comes into question. Integration means the state needs to share some sovereignty with the states Issue where we stand in relation of sovereignty in integration – share or nto share.  Traditional dogmas and myths 2)  Institutional stability Political system since the French revolution of 1789 we cut France is not as stable when it comes to political institutions compared to US and UK  Strong political conflict. Moving to extreme left to extreme right position Ideological differences. France is shaken by political violence  International standing, military defeats. Aftermath of revolution. Napoleon conquered and lost everything. Territorial gains and losses thorough Europe Lorraine region is changing hands from one or another. End of WW2 During the war France was occupied by Nazi army influenced France prestige and standard. Hitler wanted to get England, but Britain was not invaded. It has impact on France how Britain overcame France in terms of not getting invaded.  Vichy France (1940-1944) Negotiated with Hitler – not good for record of France  The fourth republic (1946-1958) Very strong. Parliamentary democracy gets back to normality after the war (???). Achieved 2 main things: created the right/regained for economic stability/strength & secondly reestablished previous plans of welfare, social protection/benefits. Negative side of 4sth republic - governmental instability. Ideological sector of difference, not stable government, one back to another. Independent movements of Nigerian war. Many French people had strong and direct involvement in Nigerian war. French civilians got involved, civil war. Lost Nigeria. Charles De Gaulle kept himself outside of politics but by 1957 realized France needed a change the leadership and charisma contributed to the breakdown of fourth republic and contributed to formation of the 5 republic Fifth Republic  St
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