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Lecture 5

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Political Science
Nathalie Fournier

Week 6- Lecture 5 October-15-12 3:02 PM Cont: Constructivism Anarchy is what states make of it  The implications of anarchy are not straightforward  State of nature- self-help is an institution  Identity, interaction, signals, interpretation  Effects of predation  Critique: it doesn’t really matter The Origin of the National Interest  How do we discover our interests  Consequences/gains vs. appropriateness/acceptance  Constructivists: identity and social institutions define our interests: interests are socially constructed Summary:  Constructivism can lead to realist or liberal predictions- it is a different way of understanding the world  The social world is constantly changing and is constantly being reproduced  However-identities and norms are relatively stable: slow change  It is better in analyzing patterns of behaviour rather then specific events  Provides a theory for the origin of preferences and interests  We cannot understand the world by observing it from the outside: intersubjectivity Feminism in IR  IR has been one of the last fields to open up to feminist theories  Within political science it is till one of the fields with the smallest representation for women  Bombs and rockets  What happens when we add gender to our analysis- how should this be done  What contribution does the international system have for the marginalization of women, how does the marginalization of women affect the international system Women are from Venus  Are they more peaceful  Tokenism  Level of analysis - not very clear where this theory should apply Debates within Feminist Camp  Liberal approaches vs. radical approaches Women and War  Should women be part of the armed forces (liberals vs. radicals) o Liberal: says yes, should be apart of everything in society o Radical: says no, refuse to serve- ensures no equality  The myth of protection  A sharp increases in cases of mass rape as a tool of war (Congo, Balkans)  The gender gap Feminist Theories of IR Ann Tickner  Empiricism: the gender gap, women in war  Critique: still using a male dominated system of knowledge  The scientific method itself is not gender neutral: linearity, the white male as a unit of analysi
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