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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Nathalie Fournier

Week 2- Lecture 2 September-17-12 3:09 PM In search of an Analytical Knife  Every model by definition omits certain dimensions of reality  Every model therefore includes fundamental assumptions on what matters most  More then one way to look at a scenario  Choice of model depends on what you are trying to find  Correlation vs. Causation  Each model is accurate- omits different type of info Theory  Focus on relations with nations  Difference between maps between 1618 and now o What does this tell us about relation with nations The Thirty Years War (1618-1648)  War that changed Europe to what it is today  Question of authority: who has power- king, pries or emperor  Religion Divisions correlated political divisions The Defenstration of Prague (1618) (start)  Lasts 30 years Price of War  50 percent of population lost during this war- Germany  Killed resources Peace of Westphalia  Peace agreement started political borders  Takes power of pope and emperor- king has authority  Establishing the principle of Sovereignty- international relations key element o Part of international law Sovereignty- What does it mean in Practice  A people, a territory, a bureaucracy, the king as legal entity - 4 components  Monopoly over the functions of the state in a defined territory, excluding all external intervention (monopoly over the legitimate use of force)  The right to conduct foreign relations and sign treaties  Sovereign equality- equal under the law no matter what (size): ex. The UN  Internal sovereignty/ external sovereignty o External- complex- excluding external interventions, you need to have recognition Sovereignty and the UN  UN tries to make sovereignty clear and establishes the principle of international relations  Non-intervention- UN to protect Sovereignty - Article 2/7  Equality- equal t
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