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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Nathalie Fournier

Lecture 1- Week 1 September-10-12 9:07 PM  Example of international relations- 9/11- projecting issues- conflict, power , terrorism  Ex. G20 and Economy  International Relations can affect everyone- clothes, electronics, etc. - experience day- day WW1  France brought artillery across German trenches- 19,000 dead  Scientifically study on war so it wont happen again  Many other wars happened after- WW2 greater death toll  International security started due to war  End of WW2, intro to nuclear weapons- can destroy humanity  Mackavelli, Hobbes, Locke- similar topics to why war happens and how can it be resolved  Try to study international relations more scientifically The Scientific Method  International relations is different then a basic scientific method  Instead, we look at history for experiments (labtorary )  Complex Explaining an Event  Specific to general- ex. Car accident- relate to international relations  Organize systematic facts into groups Levels of Analysis  Systematic organization of facts in a way to make sense- J.David Singer (1960)  Domestic/ International- Micro/Macro  How can we judge which level matters most? o Through experiment (facts)- find out what gives the greater impact or bigger difference  Ex. Hiroshima. August 6th 1945- o
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