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POL208 levels of anaylsis

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Lilach Gilady

Pol208 Key words Notes - WWI= the  World War I: midst of wwi. Germany and britian embark on emergence of one of the biggest collection of weapon. At the morning of study IR. july 1. there are 2 huge explosions. The british dug tunnels under the german treches and filled them with explosives and blew them.british march towards Germany expecting no resistance-however they were met with german resistance due the the cement bunkers. 4 months later after the battle of Somme the brithsh and French decide to stop the madness-they had already suffered so much causauilties.  People, when they hear of these war they believe that this is madness. How can we still have so much war and bloodshed today after wars such as WWi.  From the ashes of WWI we see the rise of a new study- international relations/war study.  Study International Relations to make sure this sort of stuff never happens again.  However, these studies aren’t that good because just a few years later we see the emgernce of WWII which has a higher death toll  Therefore, International relations as a diciplne isn’t fully developed. Today it isn’t just focused on the study of war, but we have different focuses such as international economies, peace, and such  What is potential new about the study of international relations is the attempt to study IR in the light of science. To think of IR more sciencetificall.  Scientific method  IR tries to get the best approximation of experiments through historical events.  Explaining an event: we can divide explanations into different categories. External, internal, or otherwise - Levels of (different levels of analysis) analysis  Levels of analysis - systematic organization of facts - J. David singer - He divided the Levels of analysis into two levels 1. Domestic and 2. International - Micro and macro  Individual, decisions makers, government structure, society, ir, and world system  How can we judge which level matters most? - Thought experiment (counterfactual) you can make up different aspects of the situation to see if that explains the outcome. Example, in an accident had the driver been a male would the accident still have occurred. We  Example: hiroshma. - Truman: a new president with low self-esteem. Level of the decision maker. If we had a different type of decision maker the decision would have been different. - Group of decisions makers: military/diplomat: had they been different the decision would have been different - Type of government: democracy. - The target: the interactions between japan and US. The casualties, the regime in Japan. bipolar system - The deadly war you have two - Another side/underlining target: soviet. The US wanted high powers to show the SU who was in charge and that it was not to who play a be messed up. zero sum  Example: Vietnam war system. If I win - It might be hard to understand to the veitnam system and you lose, we have to under bipolarity or if you win -
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