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POL208 sept 25 realism liberalism

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Lilach Gilady

September 24 2012Key Words Notes Paradigms are just deepParadigms are theories about deep assumptions about how the IR works assumptions about how theDifferentisms realm of IR worksMost of the time in natural sciences There is a paradigm It rules the fieldhowever due to holes in the paradigm it gets replaced In the social sciencesthis doesnt occur in the social sciences you cant really test out theories sothere are numerous paradigmsRealismRealism the realist Ateam Actors follow their self Ateam Hobbes thyucicdes Bismarck interest Bismarck realpolitikPlaces emphasis on the 1 Famous for uniting Russian and Germanyacceptance of facts and 2 Careful and ambitiousanalysis of their cases 3 The unification of Germany and led Germany to become a super and consequences leading power4 Realpolitik is the politics of realities It should be practical and notpassed on moral ideologies Politics of reality Based 5 The politics of reality politics based on practical rather than moral on practical rather then or ideological considerationsmoral or ideological 6 Conservative Minimalistexpansionist militaristic dont be afraid to considerationuse your military7 It doesnt matter if a cat is black or white so long as it catches mice Deng Xiaoping famous for signing the Unholy alliance 8 Power politics actors following their selfinterestEH Carrtwenty years crisis 191919391 Realism places its emphasis on the acceptance of facts and on theanalysis of their cases and consequences Carr 19392 He thinks that policies that are led by ideologies and moral end updoing more bad then good 3 Carr is the one who coins the word realism 4 He critiqued the idealism He thought that people after WWI werejust naive They put their norms and values ahead of them 5 The term itself already suggests that we are the most importantparadigm so just go ahead and reject the othersThomas Hobbes 158816791 He said his mother gave birth to him during wartime and it was apremature birth cause of fear of war Also that he might have had atwin who died because of the given situation2 Studied at oxford Spent a lot of time in libraries He was obsessedwith the Peloponnesian wars Eventually translated the first historyof them into English 3 Became a tutor for a rich kid He took the kid of tours to Italy and suchand there he was introduced to Galileo And started to likephilosophy
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