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International Relations September-25-13 10:12 AM  Westphalia o Set up boundaries based on religious division  Peace of Westphalia of 1648 ended in this treaty that brought an end to European religious conflict  It was the birthday of the Westphalian System  It brought forward an idea of Sovereignty to Europe  The king / head of state was allowed to do what he wanted within his borders  The kings was allowed to choose the religion of his country  Sovereignty o For sovereignty, you need a people, territory, a bureaucracy, and the king / constitution/ legal entity  The sovereign entity should have a monopoly over the functions of the state  This monopoly should only exist if the state has a legitimate use of force  In legal standing, all countries are equally legal political actors  They all have the right to conduction foreign relations and sign treaties  Sovereignty and the Un o Practices a principle of non - intervention  This means that all nations today have personal sovereignty  States cannot intervene in other states domestic affairs o Equality  Sovereignty is equal in all UN members  This is shown in the general assembly, as every nation regardless of size can be a member Contested Sovereignty  Things can happen if sovereignty is contested o It can lead to troubles  Sovereignty which is contested internally can lead to failed states and civil war  Modern day examples include Somalia and the Former Yugoslavian Republic  Sovereignty which is contested from the outside leads to a non - recognition from the international community 
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