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Total Wars

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International Relations: Week 7 J October 26 , 2010 Security, Wars, and Conflict Total Wars J an entire country dedicated to war, society itself, the economy, are driven to the fighting of war - Global, touching the entire planet o World wars engulfed the entire planet, touched remote part of planet even with regards to colonial possession in Africa - }o}29L]Z LZ2}KZ[ o WWI such a shattering event, Europe never recovered from it o WWI and WWII led to the holocaust, nothing would be the same after that o End of WWII was dropping of nuclear weapons, world not the same afterwards Function of Armed Forces - Four functions: defence, deterrence, compellance, swaggering o 1. Defence J deployment of military power to achieve two basic objectives: to ward off any potential act, to minimise any damage to }L[Z self if the attack takes place A state may direct their forces against those of an actual or potential attacker N Not against their own population N Can use the forces when the attack occurs or may be attempted to strike first if convinced that an attack from the enemy is imminent in a pre-emptive way N Pre-emption: moving first instead of waiting for the enemy to attack o Better to strike first than to be struck o About perception of imminent attack Must be convinced that war will break out in a matter of days, weeks at most N Prevention addresses only a lower probability of being under attack o E.g. Israel striking nuclear capability of Iraq, no sign of imminent attack from Iraq against Israel, was a preventive move N Motto: the best defence is good offense o Deterrence: the deployment of military power so as to be able to prevent an adversary from doing something that one does not want him to do The threat of retaliation, to prevent something from happening, threat of punishment @2]ZL}}Lo}Z[Z} ZoZ}Z}o]}LL infrastructure ]LZZ}L ]ZZ}LZ[Z]o]} }L]L ]Z}L]o adversary that it both has the capacity and willingness to punish
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