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Political Science
John Haines

International Relations: Week 4 J October 5 , 2010h Liberalism Anarchy is lack of government, not chaos - Fundamental objective of liberalism is to try to transform the international system to overcome these constraints, to overcome these forces Liberalism is a philosophy of liberty of the individual - Freedom from constraint from other individuals - Freedom to participate in politics, freedom from fear - State is the servant and the guardian of these freedoms - Self-government is the safest precaution against arbitrary intrusion of rulers, of other individuals o This intrusion needs to be opposed, best way to achieve that is self-government - Framework to organize and mediate between liberties of citizens o Liberal state creates institutions, respect for the minorities, checks and balances, law o Forms: laissez-faire capitalism to social democracy to constitutional monarchy to republics, from presidential regime to parliamentary regime - Liberalism is the world of self-restraint, moderation, compromise, and peace - Tragedy of liberalism in international affairs: attempt to project liberalism into world politics, difficult encounter between liberal ideas on one end and very nature of international system on the other, contradiction o Projection of liberal ideas seems nearly impossible o Logic of the liberalism is the weak individual protected by the powerful o Powerful rules against the weak, logic of international affairs If anarchy is excluded inside the state, outside the borders of a liberal state, anarchy seems to remain the main characteristic of relations between states Liberalism is a philosophy where the state is the solution In international relations, very same state seems to be the problem - A liberal state inside does not seem to behave in a liberal way outside o Democratic states may compromise their own values when dealing with foreign policies o May be tempted to project liberal ambition, liberal ideals, by using violent means, war and conflict :2:-}o}L[ZK}]L2}Koo}}]L]L2 }L]Z E.g. }2J: ZZ[Z]LZ]}L}}]L2K} }Z,]oZ N Contradiction between liberal state and foreign policy E.g. Issue of torture in Afghanistan - Liberal states in international system may be regarded as week compared to dictatorship or authoritarian regime
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