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Making sense of globalization

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Political Science
John Haines

International Relations J Week 2: September 21 , 2010 st Globalization - A process of economic exchange, technology development, the widening and deepening of interconnection among people o Freedman outlines technology as driving engine behind globalization Aspects of Globalization: Travelling - Cheap and easy, fast, compression of time, more exchanges, opening of different cultureslanguages - Capacity to travel allows for spread of disease (e.g. SARS), pandemics - 911 attacks on tool of globalization, led to securitization of air travel - Massive immigration around the world and reactions to it - Fundamentally changed the way exchanges are made around the world Television - 24 hour news, any event happening around the world receives immediate coverage o 1956 Netherlands struck by massive flooding, CBS network launched first aid appeal in its history, extremely successful However, CBS news on the East coast was repeated one week later on the West Coast, rhythm of news was pretty slow Compare to immediate reporting of Pakistan flooding, rhythm much faster, scope of news is truly global Mobile phones - Can send text messages to anyone anywhere in the world - Huge impact on the way people are doing business o Farmer in rural Africa must rely on intermediary to bring production to market and provide price of goods in market Intermediary processes could be cut with mobile phones, empowers farmers - Device empowers people Internet - News around the world travels instantly o Events on streets of Tehran made global news despite effort of Iran to control news People themselves, activate participants of demonstration, made information available, not journalists
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