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Political Science
La Haine

Levels of Analysis of International Events. - J David Singer (1960) DomesticInternational: MicroMacro - Russett, Starr & KinsellaL individual, decision makers, government structure, society, international relations, world system. - How can we judge which level matters most? - Thought experiment (counterfactuals - what if things were not this way, what if Harper was not PM, would we still be in Afghanistan?) - Why did USA bomb Hiroshima? Retaliation? - International relations or Financial? - Society. The world system is the most difcult to understand because it is the most abstract. What is a world system? A system is a set of interacting elements. We try to understand system through: structure (usually measured by the distribution of power); technology; systemic level of conict; distribution of wealth; norms. Example: multi-polarity vs. bipolarity vs. unipolarity is one better then another? Counterfactual: under different systemic constraints the outcome would have been different. Levels of Analysis - Summary - The choice of level of analy
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