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Lecture #2

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Political Science
La Haine

If you want a model that is useful, you need to leave some things out. You cant have a map that is 1:1, it would be impractical. It is the same in the art of making models. In Search of an Analytical Knife: - Every model by denition omits certain dimensions of reality (but are we leaving things out that are important? How do we decide?) - Every model therefore includes implicit fundamental assumptions on what matters most - There is always more than one way to cut the cake, there are always going to be competing explanations (Using a geological map vs. a population density map) Correlation vs. Causation. A population density matches a frog population map. Why? Well, because the stork brings babies, and storks eat frogs, right? Water perhaps? Where will most people see frogs to make these maps in places they live? Climate? Theory - Description - Explanation - Predictions (??) - But they are only useful with we can falsify them Look at a bipolar system. We use this term because we feel that it explains something (Cold war and
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