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Political Science
John Haines

POL208 Lecture 1 14-Sep-10 Three crucial events 1. Decision to drop the bomb in Hiroshima 2. Fall of the berlin wall in 1989 3. 911-terrorist attack -from these three events we are still living with the shadow. -on Aug 6 two nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima, killing 200 000 people. -First time nuclear bombs used -this decision to drop the bomb ended WWII -how was this decision was unanimous, which causes mass murder killing 200 000 civilians. -the main reason why such a decision was made was because the US was at war. -the invasion of mainland Japan was done because it would save American lives and Japanese lives, in the form that less soldier casualties. -from US perspective the bombing was a mass murder - the nuclear bomb was the tip of the campaign for US -President Armand Truman was inexperienced with international affairs. He was unaware of the nuclear project, the Manhattan project which was top secret. -the VP didnt even know about. -Truman was feeling the pressure and signed a paper to pass the project. -Truman was just a pawn in the whole scenario -Diplomats, this bombing would show Russia and the world that US was the most powerful nation in the
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