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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
John Haines

POL208: Realism N By simplifying reality we try to formulate a general proposition about world politics N Peaceful change and demolition of the Soviet State was the least likely scenario thought up by political scientists N Politicians very afraid of terrorismthey claim that it is not political enoughfailed to find a solutionhere they have to reason as an historian and not a politician N Bush argued that the would bring democracy to Iraq which will bring peace; democratic peace o Has not happened N 1977: there was a wish to expand NATO o This was seen by the Russians as an attempt to expand the power of the West o Russia now felt even more isolated o $003,8,20,384103O,7JL3J9K01,2LO41024.7,.L0894:089073:7450 o Not about increasing power but about bringing democracy and stability to Europe N Perception can change what the event is and its subsequent impact: Moscow perceived the expansion of NATO as a threat but US said that this has nothing to do with security Realism: Background Information N Started with the failure of the League of Nations N ,OO09K0J70,90-,9041 N In order to have peace you need to have self-determination; states needed the rights of sovereignty o So you needed to have global security which would ensure peace in all countries N *** you cannot have an organization whose purpose is to ensure peace but it is in itself powerless*** o ,39K0 8,3 89K070Z,8K:J0,2-L9L43940.70,809K0,24:3941 armaments of member nations of the League o The US was not a member* N In order to keep collective security you need to be able to wage war on the countries who are threatening the collective security N %K0 8KLJKOLJK909K0L3.,5,.L9419K0O0,J:0.4:O3498945,]L*072,3479K0 militarization of Japan N First grand debate between the realists and liberals was won by the realists Core Elements of Realism: Statism: N Most important actors in global politics are states N Sovereignty is a fundamental element of statism the sate can use legitimate violence*
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