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Globalization Book Summary

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Political Science
John Haines

Global and global politics Globalization N stretching of social political and economic activities across political frontiers so that events, decisions and activities in one region of the world come to have a significance for individuals and communities in distant regions of the globe. N The intensification or the growing magnitude of our interconnectedness. Ex SARS virus, world trade. N Accelerating pace of global interactions and process as the evolution of the worldwide systems of transport and communication increases the rapidity or velocity with which ideas, news, goods,information, capital, and technology move around the world. centers in India N growing extensity,intensity, and velocity of global interactions is associated with a depending enmeshment of the local and global in so far as local events may come to have global consequences, creating collective awareness or consciousness of the world as a shared social space that is globality or globalism. N Hyperglobalists suggest the demise of the sovereign nation-state as global forces undermine the ability of governments to control their own economies and societies. N Sceptics reject the idea of globalization as so much gloaloney, argue that states and geopolitics remain the principal forces shaping world order. N Time- space compression- shrinking world- in which sources of even very local developments from employment to ethnic conflict may be traced to distant conditions or decisions. N Deterritorialization: as social, political, and economic activities are increasingly stretched across the globe, they become in a significant sense no longer organized solely according to a strictly terr
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