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Political Science

Lecture 8 The Evolution of International Community 06102013Chapter 2 The Evolution of International Society David ArmstrongInternational Society Relationship between different modes of interaction that are governed to some degree by common rules and practicesTerm refers more narrowly to a particular historical narrative focused on a European state system sovereignty and nonintervention which emerged from historyoWithin this state system relations were governed by principles of sovereign equality nonintervention and international lawoOutside it uncivilized societies could be subjected to as much cruelty as Europeans wishedEnglish School of International Relations Hedley Bull states accept no higher power than themselves and they exist in a condition of international anarchyoA society of states exists when a group of states conscious of certain common interests and common values forms a society in the sense that they conceive themselves to be bound by a common set of rules in their relations with one another and share in the working of common institutionsBulloOrder in world politics is also potentially deriving from the existence of an international societyoHistorical examples of such international societies had a common culture encompassing linguistic ethical religious and artistic elementsAllowed communication and mutual understanding required for common rules and institutions to emergeIssue of this belief is that it is oppressive and exploitative colonial order and this belief is an attempt to justify itCriticism View means that international community marks the dominance of the great powers and attempts to legitimize the oppressionPositive Cognizant that any understanding of the international system must include a conceptualization of a broader picture so that it can give rise to its own distinct perspective and findingsThe term international society is a shorthand way of depicting overall structure constituted by norms rules and institutions
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