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POL208 Intro to IR – Weeks One and Two Lecture Notes.docx

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Political Science

POL208Intro to IR09082014Week OneIR as a field of studyDifferent approaches and philosophical assumptions about politics and the stateScience functions upon the basis of various paradigmsShifts of paradigmsthe explanations that were once convincing are no longer considered suchassumptions and their reception changeThomas KuhnIn the social sciences no paradigm is ever dominant This makes it very difficult to studyD Easton and the liberal tradition politics as allocationwho gets what when and howMeans of allocation 1 custom 2 exchange and 3 commandCustom feudalism consensus diving right of kingsExchange equality contract markets consensusCommand inequality force and coercionThe necessity of commandpoliticsContract model of states originconsent of the governedLegislatures as arena of politicsThis is was an extremely effective system for the feudal periodMarkets are based on a fundamental form of equalityThey also function on the basis of consensus inducing legitimacy in outcomeKarl Schmitt and politics as Us v the OtherBasic dichotomy that defines disciplines philosophy ethics economics lawPolitics is amoralbeyond morality
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