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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
John Haines

Amna Husain September 13, st10 1 class Pol208Y1Y J Introduction to International Relations - Globalization is changing world politics J can fly to countries , info send online across the glibe in seconds. - 3 Curcial Events: 1) Drop bomb hirusima, Aug 6 1945 2) Fall of Berth wall in 1986 3) 911 Twin towers & Pentagon 1) Hirushima - Aug 6 , 3 nuclear bombs dropped on civilians killing 200,000 civilians - First and last use of nuvlease weapon - ?! Democratic govenermt all about human decision had a unanimous descision to commit mass murder - Main reason unanimous was US at war with Japan - every battle with Japan let to big US casualties - nearly million army killed - Alternative to bombin was more daunting to the Americans lives. Bombing was part of a campiaign of mass bombardment - J}oZ]L^ZZ} lL_ - President at the time was TRueman. He was inexperiences in foreign affairs, unaware of program of nuclear - ^K] L9}E _]]Ld even the VP was u
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