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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Lilach Gilady

Outline Lecture 5FeminismWhat happens when we add gender to our analysis How should this be done What contribution does the international system have for the marginalization of women How does the marginalization of women affect the international system Essentialist claims regarding the natural tendencies of men and women women are from venusDebates within the feminist camp liberals vs radicals The myth of protectionThe gender gap Ann Tickner Problematizing IR theory is it gender neutralFeminine vs masculine the domestic international distinction levels of analysisRational Choice and Game Theory For all the gamessee the accompanying power point file which includes the relevant lecture slides Rationality the ability to assess alternatives and choose a policy which leads to an outcome that offers maximum utility with minimum cost Preferences Representation of the relative utility an actor derives from various outcomes can be measured ordinally or cardinally most models of rational choice focus on the order of preferences rather than their subj
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