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lecture sept 14, 21, 28

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Political Science
John Haines

Introduction to International Relation Lecture one: Three important historic events: 1. Drop the Bomb ( Aug 6 ,19450 2. Fall of the Berlin Wall ( 3. September 11,2001 A: Drop the Bomb 200 hundred thousand civilians killed. Two cities were bombed. The question is how come a country with dignity committed mass murder? How come the decision remained anonymous? The decision was to invade and save American lives and Japanese lives: Nuclear bombing was part of the bombing complain. President ( )was very inexperienced and wasnt aware of the nuclear bombing. Diplomats: a very good way to show Russia that US is the most powerful consideration. Why USA dropped the Bomb in a deserted Island. The bomb equal 12 thousands TNT. November 1989. Berline Wall No one ever predicted the fall of the wall. Left everyone surprised even Germans. To negotiate arms control. Decrease the pressure of Soviet Union. To save Russian Economy. It included less control on Easter Europe. Gorbachev wanted to focus on domestic Economy.
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