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Political Science
John Haines

Constructivism It is about social construction of a reality. It is about a transformation of international through social fact Example of social constructivism (Canadian money) The social fact is 20 dollar allowing you to buy something it is called fiduciary instrument and it means we trust itand it means everyone around us trust it.which is a piece of paper with the portrait of queen Origin: it became major mainstream theory in IR in 80 and 90, and then there is one school of IR, before, that had rather similar approach to constructivism and it was called (British school of internal affair), among states there is something like international society, That is linked by diplomatic relation, common wealth, common practices. Because other theories failed foresee and explain successfully the end of world we see realist see the world as the same waythey are just not good at change and transformation.because they always regards IR the same mannerit is all about security, anarchy.or more which is useless. The only way realist could see the end of world war was through world war three Constructive developed on that very one scholars explains.see the world as project under construction something in the process of becoming rather than tries to understand transformation and order to achieve that we try to understand that the process of interaction. If we look at 199, there are many ways looking at this eventsome just focus on US one side and Soviet on the other hand.constructive look at realist analysis, and mentioned that they are missing the ideas, missing the very process where garbachavo started the Soviet Union ..these vary ideas came from the west..and these ideas were the keys that explain the end of world warit is ultimately about Gorbachve understanding the reality of Soviet Union.they were is the matter of changing ideas and come to reality. The same can be said about transformation of EU, realist are missing the list of East Germany was streaming West Germany TV, so that is how the ideas were transformed. It is stressing the worlds of ideas and focuses on contrstuctivism.. Key tradition concept of IR:
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