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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
John Haines

Lecture 6 101910 Decision Makers and Decision Making Role of decision makers and how decisions are made Impossible to reconstruct actual process of decision making, too complex Attempts to understand how decision makers make decisions Define some models in the decision making process Focus on the individuality and rationality, to small groups, then to governments and organizations Individuality and rationality: Classic rational choice model: o choosing what you perceive as the best option given the ability to fulfill your objective, to maximize your expected utility o All information is indeed available rather a far-fetched assumption o Assumption that you are rational and can define a hierarchy among your options calculate the best or worst options o Depends on expected utility you attach to decision making process o Stand-up model in economics o International politics is a game of chess analysts reconstruct what happens o Limited to IP because most of the time information is not available o Thomas Shelling strategy thinker who used game theory model to analyze terrorists o All the options must be on the table o Media is far more centralized than it used to be time pressure on making decisions is partly due to media o This is ideal type of model o Rational process of thinking
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