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cold war

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Political Science
John Haines

Cold War Assess the world Complex process of the rise of the cold war (947-1950) The turning point of Cuba, and the Lesson of Cuba The Rise of between Washington and Russia The new cold war in 1980 Characterize the specification of Cold War itself, Demise of the Soviet Union and aftermath of that 1. 1954- basically is characterize by the US as the most powerful nation on the planet, the Atomic Bomb, was the number one super power, the first priority of president that group should go home, to shift the war economy to peace, and the Soviet Union suffers mass losses, and the number of causalities was very high. Huge losses and huge gain for Moscow, and in 1945 Moscow had power over Eastern Europe, and Moscow saw Nagasaki and Hiroshima as new form of insecurity, the situation of United Kingdom was summed up as one war, Bankrupt, John was sent to Washington to negotiate a new lease, to ask for US money with no interest, The influence of UK in Middle East, and its empire started to disappear, and all Colonial Empire started to Disappear, Dutch left Indonesia, French saw their Colonial in China. And on May of 1945, Nigeria, there were huge protest again French rules. By 1945, we got two major players on two ends, US and Russia. The four years of confrontation of the cold war, some analyst calls it the long peace. It was peace. It was a direct confrontation between Moscow and Washington. For politician and decision maker that stability was really felt. In many instance the cold war was indeed hot. Gorilla, Vietnam, stability a minimal characteristic, two direct nuclear confrontations between two. And it was a military contest.
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