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international terrorism

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
John Haines

Why civil war occurs? The greed accept of rebellion, and using econ terrorist, it seems as rational decision that is influenced by economic condition, and rebels are seen as criminals and mafia and they seem to shake econ flow, and the main motivation is money. And from that frame work we can have consequences. If states abandon natural resources, there are more chances to suffer from civil wars, like Kango, it offers opportunity for rebels to control resources. Ethnicity considered as pre-module that can easily general violence to pitch one part of population against another the ethnic fragmentation of a society doesnt seem to be the most important elementwhat is the keyis the government of one ethnic group against another. It is not fragmentation but rather polarization (fragmentation is referring to a bigger number of ethnic dominant of a society), seem to be importantbut the specific type of ethnic affiliation is important. It could be through a common language, or religion or anything. Ethnicity seems to be a group, but not sufficiently. But what is important is the manipulation of this ethnic group. Some consider it is so important that is so important and nearly impossible to overcome any ethnic affiliation and the only way out of ethnic conflict, is division and the best way to do is to partition the country. Iraq, Shia and Sunni: the only way to end the civil conflict in Iraq is to divide it into three parts. But other scholars, ethnicity may be important, but what the most is the security. And bringing security, u can in fact diminish ethnic opposition. And the main idea behind Iraq was to bring security so ethnic cooperation can happen. The case of Countries that suffer for so long. That the very idea of the national government is increasing empty. Like Somalia. Warlords and criminals are fighting against each other. The truly modern conflicts are difficult to address. One way is try to rebuild the states. And most countries the focus is more on building national forces. In Afghanistan. The birth of effort. Not only bring security on the ground, but to rebuild the states of Afghanistan. And the two main areas is national army and police force. The idea behind is the only way to end civil war is to restore the authority of State. In terms of causalities, civil wars are the most common cause.
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