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Political Science
John Haines

POL208 International Relations Introduction Lecture Tuesday September 14 th 2010 3 crucial events shaping our world, all on different levels. Definitely a different entry to world politics th 1. decision to drop bomb on Hiroshima August 6 1945 2. fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 @ end of the cold war 3. 911 Still living with the shadow of death Aim level of under the events 1. Hiroshima August 6 thand 8 th on Nagasaki 2 nuclear bombs on civilian targets 200 000 civilians dead st 1 and last use of nuclear weapons Ended WWII captivity of Japan How can a democratic country with principles of democracy and dignity decided to kill innocent people No one objected to the decision to drop it Main reason was because U.S was at war with Japan Every battle led to enormous U.S. casualties Pentagons plan was to invade but they figured this way they would save more American lives Some say they would have saved more Japanese too with the nuclear bomb Japan wanted to fight back N. Bomb apart of the campaign of mass armament N. Bomb just the top of the campaign, shock and awe
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