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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 pol208

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Political Science
Lilach Gilady

Lecture 8stNov 1 2011Going off on last class from the third image and imbalances of state how a shift in balance of power leads to conflict Today were taking a step backJust War Theory y Michael Walzer y Compromise between pacifism and a Machiavellian approach y War is a recurring evil but its destructiveness can and should be constrained y Critique it legitimizes war and provides it with a human faade y Bible Thomas Aquinas 12251274 Hugo Grotius 15831645 y War is always judged twice first with reference to the reasons states have for fighting secondly with reference to the means they adopt Walzer y Jus Ad Bellum Jus in Bello Jus Post BellumIn the context of the Crusades etc the just war theory got developed Its an old tradition that began in the deliberation of the Catholic Church Jus Ad Bellum is what translates as justice in the decision to launch hostilities Jus in Bello is justice in War Finally Jus Post Bellum is the justice postwarThis theory plays an important rold of justice in initiating a war and how its prosecutedJus Ad Bellum The requirements of Jus Ad Bellum are y Just cause self defense UN Charter This is the reasoning for it only as a selfdefense act and if its not its considered the worst crime under UN chartery Last resort Justifiable only as a last resort only when other means are used this is not clear and in the last 10 years the idea of preemptive and preventive wars have come into thoughts states are seemed to be acting legitimately if they are acting on a preemptive war that allows you to take preemptive measures this is not considered as part of the just cause but however in the lead up to the Iraq war GHW took it a step further and took preemptive measures into preemptive wary Declared publicly by a legitimate authority You need a legitimate government to declared ity Proportionality benefit outweighs harm It should not be taken lightly the benefits should outweigh the harm
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