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Introduction to International Political Economy

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Political Science
Lilach Gilady

thPOL208Y1 Introduction to International Relations January 10 2012 Miscellaneous y Office hrs wed 23 or by app SS3034 y Tutorials begin next week after lec y Midterms handed back in tutorial y Film club email if interestedWhats ahead y IPE international political economyHow the economy affects international relationsPolitical Economy y Interaction bw economic and politicsWhat is the role f the economy in IR It depends on who you ask y A source of power we need butter to buy guns y A source of welfare we like butterPropensity as mean vs prosperity as a goalGuns vs Butter y Relationship bw welfare and security prosperity and security y Metaphor used to explain this dilemma y Has long pedigree in IR y A common metaphor for the national production possibility frontier y Guns will make us powerful butter will only make us fatHermann Goering y We can do wo butter but despite all our love of peace not wo arms One cannot shoot w butter but w gunsJoseph Goebbels y Bomb them w butterPPF production possibility frontier y 2 absolute options each country ahs to choose how much butter to produce and how many guns to buy limited resources y In theory can take all resources and buy butter spend no money on guns y Other extreme is to take 100 of resources and just buy guns no butter no food no welfare etc y Most countries decide on some kind of mix bw guns and butter and not ne of the extremesWar Economy y During war would be willing to take away more resources away from butter in order to buy more guns y The trade off bw guns and butter is most noticeable in times of war y Total warsustainable over time
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