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UN lecture notes

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Political Science
John Haines

LECTURE February 1st THE UN THE UN Picture of international system today very different- after 65 year, many more members International organizations--some are state run, some are NGOS Category one (state org): regional--african union, league of arab states, EU Some are issue specific: postal union, IAEA--atomic energy-centre of nuke prolif regime Specific corporation problems orgs: May represent group of a small group of nations Among non gov org-some have gained a very special space: red cross, amnesty international-- working very close with UN Plethora of inter. Orgs and non-gov orgs Most import. is the UN HISTORY OFTHE UN SYSTEM: World leaders started to think about architecture of peace and security well before 1945 Word united nation coined 1942 Roosevelt clear idea about what do do after war Wanted to learn lessons of the failure of the League of nations--failure to prevent ww2 Reason league failed-questions of membership-US, germ, japan outside membership Agenda problem-disarmament and the objective of punishing countries who were threatening world peace Capabilities to promote peace Collective security -collective must be able to act, punish, go to war Agenda of disarmament made it difficult to fight Uniminity was a condition of league-everything could be blocked by just one state For roosevelt architecture of the peace must involve the big powers with special status and responsibilities 4 powers to police world: china, russia, UK, US ^ survives, P5 P5 have veto that no other countries have--special prerogative, special responsibilities Soviet Union was unhappy that france or UK should get equal status-tried but failed to get more than one vote-wanted to include ukraine and belarus France was a member bc churchill at the time wanted a european continental power to balance soviet union--mostly because of churchill france got this 1945 west--51 members Today 192 Every member signed un charter 4 main objectives of UN org. 1, maintain inter peace and securty 2. Friendly relation among nations 3. Cooperate international problem, promote human rights
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