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Political Science
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Lilach Gilady

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Lecture Jan 31st y Governments deflate currencies to encourage export y Why does it matter y If capital does not like the local environment it now has a viable exit option y It forces government to provide capital in a hospitable environment y The state and the multinational corporation y Is the state becoming powerless y What are the ethical implications y Does it doce us to reevaluate the winnerlosers and with it te theory of free trade y Antglobalization collection of different interest groups with a variety of conerns and agendas docus on redistribution externalities democracy y Regulation from belowy Rodicks trilemma y Economic integrationnation statemass politicseconomic intgration y Trade off limited economic integration y A rising tide lifts all boats y Inequality is increasing y Factor price equalization y When market forces are allowed to work compete freely they will towards eq
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