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Environment/Human rights lecture

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Political Science
Lilach Gilady

POL208Y1March 13 2012understanding the Environement topic think about tragedy of the commons Collective action problem free rider problemsTRAGEDY OF THE COMMONSThe commonscollective goods PDTransnational natural boundariesExternalitiesResembles prisoners dilemmaTHE CLUB OF ROMELimits to growth 1972The water lily perils of exponential growth We only know were facing crisis when its too lateConclusionsresource depletion there are limits to growth and were approaching them quicklyNeomalthusianismMalthusthe prob of population o Were not producing enough foodWas Malthus wrongIs the problem population or consumptionIts not the problem of the rich its the problem of the poorAn economic approach to environmental issues 1 Preservationistslooks at environment as a value and should be preserved as much as possible 2 Conservationistsstrike a balance cause environment serves a certain utilityMalthus is conservationist Interest is in population and consumptionLIMITS TO GROWTHMust consider interaction between 5 factors o Population food industrial production nonrenewable resources pollutionNon renewable mineralseven if global mineral reserves are 5 times more than what we actually have it will still start to run out in 100 yrs if the pace of consumption is the same as in the 70sNeomalthusianismhuman consumption will overshoot o Should have happened a long time ago But no because of human innovationTHE CLUB OF ROME CRITIQUEAlarmistPredictions are wrongSocial limits to growth
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