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Political Science
J.Y Haine

Scott Sagan why do states build nuclear weapons Why build them Answerstates will seek to develop nuclear weapons when they face a significant military threat to their security that cannot be met through alternative means If they do not face threats they will remain non nuclear states Nuclear weapons More than tools of natural securityThey are POLITICAL objects of considerable importance ino 1 Domestic debates o 2 Internal bureaucratic strugglesServe as international normative symbols of modernity and identity 3 alternative frameworks involving models1 Security model which states build nuclear weapons to increase national security against foreign threats especially nuclear threats 2 Domestic politics model which envisions nuclear weapons as political tools used to advance parochial domestic and bureaucratic interests3 Norms model nuclear weapons decisions are made because weapons acquisition or restraint in weapons development provides an important normative symbol of a states modernity and identity 30 countries Have the necessary industrial infrastructure and scientific expertise to build nuclear weapons on a crash basis if they chose to do soNuclear Nonproliferation Treaty NNTEncourages long term trend by promoting the development of power reactors in exchange for the imposition of safeguards on the resulting nuclear materials This underscores the policy importance of addressing the sources of the political demand for nuclear weapons rather than focusing primarily on efforts to safeguard existing stockpiles of nuclear materials and to restrict the supply of specific weapons technology from the haves to the havenots Security Model Nuclear weapons and international threatsNeorealist theory in political science states exist in an anarchical international system and must therefore rely on selfhelp to protect their sovereignty and national securityBecause of the enormous destructive power of nuclear weapons any state that seeks to maintain its national security must balance against any rival
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