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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Arnd Jurgensen

Lecture 3 The WSS created the framework for statehood The process of nationhood coincided with the industrial revolution Colonialism was the main mean by which the WSS spread through the world Military force in latin america is more to maintain domestic order than foreign In latin america they didnft have revolutions they had rebellions They were left with peninsulares governing the countries Since the 20th Century democracy has been an issue in LatAm In Africa they didnft have a rise of nationalism the colonial powers just agreed to keep some of the territory for each country Britain thought that they had to bring civilization to the world but when those civilizations were formed theyfd be gone France didnft believe in the white supremacy civilization as the british did France wanted to make them feel welcome and part of France Portugal never granted independence to its colonies but the fascist government of Portugal collapsed in 1966so the colonies formed resistance movements and almost overnight they fell into civil war because everything happened too fast The Soviet Union supported many anticolonialism movements maybe because they wanted to piss the western forces In Angola they had their independence in 1976 South Africa and US didnft fight the new rebel government but they funded a guerrilla movement to fight back the marxist govt in Kampala The oil companies gave taxes to the marxist government and they used the money to fight UNITA uniao por la independencia total de angola The cuban government AH OK helped the angolan govt and the western oil companies Weird These new states that used to be colonies didnft think about the monopoly of their
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