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Lecture 6

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Political Science
Arnd Jurgensen

Lecture 6 For paper read the reading about Bush Doctrine The Prisonerfs Dilemma summary Itfs a hypothetical game often used to illustrate rationality and how it can lead us astray by considering two prisoners that are guilty for possession of arms Both of them defect on the other and they both get in jail The individual decision is rational the collective outcome is not PD is used as an explanation for the difficulty to sustain cooperation under anarchy The Chicken Game The Nash Equilibrium is when one or the other turns and doesnft crash This is an analogy for the confrontation between states Critique Are people really rational Game Theory tends to portray a binary picture of decision makingover simplistic We never really now in IR which game we play It is difficult to determine the preferences of the actorsGame Theory has limitations War is Hell War is a permanent factor of human existence War gis merely the continuation of politics by other meansh Von Clausewitz Foreign policies of states refer to the goals and the means by which states pride to achieve their goals in the intl context and the preferred strategy or policy is almost always not war Itfs almost always trying to convince other actors to change their behaviours by means other than armed conflict diplomacy negotiations sanctions Both diplomacy and sanctions have implicit the permanent threat of war so much so that Hans Morgenthal argued that states in the intl system are always either recovering from preparing for or involved in armed conflict in
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