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Lecture 11

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Political Science
Arnd Jurgensen

Lecture 11 Midterm be aware of location changes possibly EX200 Check Portal Three parts 1 identify and explain significance of 4 out of 6 terms 2 two essay questions and we have to pick one broad themes we have discussed in lectures and readings 3 true or false six questions and we have to answer two and we get three points for T or F and seven points for explanation Terrorism It is one of the new threats that has emerged in the last two decades and has started to challenge IR theories and these theories may be poorly placed to answer The other problem is Civil War The latter half of the XX century has been one of relative peace because of the absence of significant conflicts However this does not include intrastate conflicts cold war Rwanda Yugoslavia Somalia Colombia DR Congo DR Congo has been called Africafs First World War because it is a proxy war because everyone around the world supports a faction in the conflict Civil wars represent a tale of two worlds IR Theory are in many ways poorly structured to deal with civil wars CW generally are the result of internal dynamics within states and as much as CW draw in external actors the causes tend to be domestic Why are there more CW in developed than in developing Maybe greater levels of inequality but does not explain the emerge of CW The Occupy movement draws awareness to inequalities in the developed world but the absolute levels of poverty are lower than developing Divisions within societies ethnic racial class divisions are more problematic because they follow a pattern most political scientists think they need to cut the cleavage catholic vs protestant male vs female they need to cut divisions within society but they donft really cause war but some other cleavages and divisions in society cut across them male vs female doesnft really cause conflict Religiously divided societies they donft really cause conflict unless they
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