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Lecture 8

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Lecture 8 Kinds of conflicts and crises that cause war Just War Theory Michael Walzer Compromise between pacifism and a Machiavellian approach War is a recurring evil but its destructiveness can and should be constrained Critique it legitimizes war and provides it with a ehumanef facade Bible Thomas Aquinas 12251274 Hugo Grotius 15831645 gWar is always judged twice first with reference to the reasons states have for fighting secondly with reference to the means they adopth Walzer Jus Ad Bellum justice in the decisions to go to war Just in Bello justice in war Just Post Bellum more recent approach justice post war The core of these theory addresses reasons why states can go to war or should and secondly what they can do once theyfre involved in a conflict Jus Ad Bellum demand that before states go to war they have just causeself defense UN Charter Endorses the decision to engage in war only for defense and as a last resort Declared publicly by a legitimate authority Any war thatfs not for defense itfs an aggressive war and thatfs the highest intl crime according to the UN Charter It has proportionalitybenefits outweigh harm The war is winnable States generally are considered to be acting legitimately if they engage in preemptive war if a neighbour state is preparing to invade you or attack you you donft have to wait for the first attack and it goes with the parameters of Just War George W Bush took the idea of Iraq War by a preventive war How real must the war be In the case of Iraq it was evident that there was a threat and itfs working to achieve capacity to attack the US How far in the future are you able to look whether a country can be a threat and therefore take preventive action Preventive is very problematic War must be declared only by legitimate authorities if its declared by a substate actor itfs difficult how to act Legitimate
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