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Lecture 12

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Lecture 12 IPEInternational Political Economy Islands of Cooperation Summary and looking forward International Political Economy The economy clearly matters but how Is the economy stupid How does the economy affect IR Political economy is the interaction between economics and politics Political science studies the interaction and the area between polity and market Economists study politics using economic tools game theory The role of the economy in IR depends on who you ask It is a source of power we need butter to buy guns and a source of welfare we like butter Prosperity as means vs Prosperity as a goal A good powerful economy could be used to just provide welfare or to be used as a mean towards a larger goal Guns vs Butter Relation between welfare and security It is a common metaphor for the national production possibility frontier Many politicians prefer guns over butter Each country has to choose how much butter to produce and how many guns to buy War Economy Desviacion de gasto en rubros tradicionales para su uso en guerra y armas Economies are usually restructured during war The butterguns tradeoff is most noticeable in times of war Are total wars sustainable over time A percentage of our budget has to be directed towards butter always Too much spending in guns brings effects on morale War economies brings effects on gender relations Men were out fighting someone had to fill in the production lines and women were allowed to get out of the house and start working Were there positive effects on wartime economy Maybe the beginning closure
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