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International Regimes and Organizations

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Political Science
Lilach Gilady

thPOL208Y1 Introduction to International Relations February 7 2012 International Regimes and Organizations Essay due next weekGo to blackboard and view under assignments due next week at beginning of lecture Review from last lectureFor reforms to take place people to change behaviour not enough to impose economic policy also need to have local institutions that could provide the environment for that economic policy to take placeBig gap bw north and south mainly Africa which is the big issueThere are 2 camps modernization and dependencyModernization didnt work because countries in Africa failed to adopt proper economic policies they mostly adopted ISIAfrican countries maybe didnt have the correct types of institutions to support the economic policies and developThe JCurve of Economic ReformMost economic and social reforms will initially cause some pain but as you continue you will see some benefitsEconomic reforms such as moving from ISI to ELI are politically challenging esp when political institutions are weakDemocratizationProblem is w the local institutions is the 1 reason fro why Africa fails to developMilitary RegimesLocal conditions ina frica are such that we cannot expect to see much developmentRegime TypesSome development of democracy in Africa over last 2 decadesStart seeing some improvement even in AfricaThose that support modernization will point out that over last decade parts of Africa have shown some of the fastest democratic developments in the worldWhy weak institutions Colonial legacyNo institutional infrastructure no modern self rule traditionA nation state Sudan for exampleborders were imposed by colonial powers these are not nation states in the same sense we see in Europe where common culture history etc gets together and finally forms nation stateeg just last year Sudan broke into 2 countries theres no nation there and therefore we shouldnt be surprised that as a nation state Sudan wasnt workingSudan is an exception of not challenging colonial boundaries
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