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International Law

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Lilach Gilady

thPOL208Y1 Introduction to International Relations February 28 2012 International Law General PatternsEuropean integration works best when dealing w economic issues eg issues of market and economic integration were able to reach some kind of agreementThe process tends to get bogged down more easily when it moves to security or foreign policy issuesHoweverharmonizing economic policies has socialpoliticalsecurity implications1990s a return to more political agenda enlargement constitution treaty of LisbonThe Big Dilemma Size Vs DepthMore countries that join more difficult it becomes to integrate and harmonize economic policiesThe EU Enlargement Dilemma The more countries that are joining the EU the more heterogeneous their interests are different economic structure etcThe trade off advantage to size vs increased heterogeneityInterestsEconomic conditionsPolitical institutionsCulture societyHistory identity Neofunctionalists through process of spill overs will also change our identity Start off w distinct identities German English French etc and slowly through process of integration new identity emerges European identitymove from I to WE feelingWhat is the EU Intergovernmentalism Do not lose structure of economic policiesSupranationalism Has components that go above level of intergovernmentalism that challenge sovereignty and are now something diff something newOrgans of the EU Supranational Dimensions The Council of the European UnionCouncil of Ministers The EUs main decisionmaking bodyEU regulation automatically implemented overrides national legislationEU directive requires national legislation in each member states before it comes into effect in that stateDirectives generally allow the members more leeway as to the specific of rules that need to be adopted for the directives implementationEU Organs Supranational Dimensions
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