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Regional Integration

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Lilach Gilady

thPOL208Y1 Introduction to International Relations February 14 2012 Regional Integration International InstitutionsBenefits increased cooperation stability prosperity the emergence of governanceIn network of institutions do not necessarily need a govtCost decreased sovereignty new dimensions of conflict restricted ability of govts to react to local needs and values as well as to rapid changes and shocksAlso may effect ability of institution to react to community needsOnce we join international institutions local govts may be less able to choose structures that will reflect local desires of populationsInstitutionsA set of customs practices relationships or behavioural patterns of importance in the life of a community or society institutions are the rules of the game the norms that regulate behaviour they generate repetitive and predictable behaviour they define the social constants and opportunities that actors faceWo institutions very difficult to understand our interactions w different actorsThe institutions define the menu of available practices Youngthey constrain choice and establish predictabilitySovereignty balance of power reciprocity negotiationsSpecific UNGeneral multilateral diplomacyAdditional Types of International InstitutionsInternational Organizations IOs IGOs NGOs nongovernmental organizationsInternational regimes a set of formalinformal rules norms of behaviour and at times organizations set around a specific issue area in international politicsRegimes are often but not always codified in international treaties and managed by international organizations governance wo govtAll IOs are institutions not all institutions are IOsAll international regimes are institutions not all institutions are international regimesCan we think of institutionsorganizationsregimes as actors do they have their own agency Can they really make a difference which is independent of the states that create themEg is UN more of the sum of its partsWhy Have Institutions in IRA rationalistrealist explanation the permanent interests of states to put their normal relations on a stable basis by providing for predictable and enforceable conduct w respect to these relations MorgenthauReducing transaction costs a cost incurred while making an exchange or an interaction through the provision of information coordinate expectations increase the probability of iteration and enable enforcement through reciprocityIf there were no benefits from cooperationthere would be no institutions if cooperation were easy ie Did not involve cost
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