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Today's march 8th lecture in case anyone missed it

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
John Haines

March 8th 2011 HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTION End of cold war opened up room for human rights intervention around world Failure to stop genocide in Rwanda lead to new interest in inter. Legal framework etc--R2P policy Duty for states is to protect human rights themselves ICISS-initiative of Canada and other states-reports about r2p Finished report day before 911 so agenda changed drastically Said states have the primary responsibility to protect their citizens When states are unable or unwilling to protect their citizens, leads to international R2p Two failures were at the origin of the ICISS report: 1. Kosovo- Un security council at time couldnt reach decision 2. Rwanda-not even a case of intervention b.c some UN troops were already there; not a question of early warning or lack of info The then boss of the peace keeping operation--KofiAnnam expressed the regret that the UN was unable to shut down the radio in kigali that was calling for mass murder Matter of reinforcing the troops that were already there and to change the mandate Small contagion of belgian troops- 10 killed - Belgian foreign minister and Belgian leader at time ordered military leader to leave even though 3 dozen rwandans will die Left a huge mark on world In US at time word genocide never used bc carried with it obligation to do something Rwanda was failure of inter. Community to intervene 800, 000 ppl. Killed in too months At the end of the day its about decision makers making the right choice Just on realism plus liberalism Realists will doubt that there is something called universal right Consider that these rights are the historic expression of one particular state or groups of states No equivalent to an intern. Public prosecutor, claims about these rights are often distinguished as other sets of intentions Country claim it is acting in name of human rights when in fact its security etc acc. To realists Realists-sovereignty is protection Liberals More concerned about human rights Any foreign policy which wants to improve question of human rights is one fraught with difficulties and dilemma Risks falling into meaningless and abstract generalities One thing to claim morality in foreign policy, another to base a foreign policy initiative on moral grounds Without transla. Of agenda into pragmatic and effective policies, runs risk of being one of empty declaration and good intention 2. Risk of hypocrisy, double standards and inconsistency--why intervene there and not there
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