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Political Science
La Haine

Jan 12 2011 cannot shoot with butter, but only with guns Joseph Goebbels POL 208Y1 Bomb them with guns International Political Economy South Sudan- Referendum PPF: Production Possibility Frontier independent country? South Sudan? Oil resources might cause a conflict War Economy market needs to Issues with security & economy readjust the tradeoff between guns and Interaction & boundaries between economy butter is most noticeable in times of war and security TOTAL WAR- sustainable over time? Fault lines Rajan responsibility Effects on Morale for some of the more serious fault lines lies Effects on Gender Relations; Post-war not in economics but in politics housewives; women were working in factories In the past, economics used to be political instead of men economy Now, economics and political Positive effects of War Economy? science Lost of inter-connections If here is no great infrastructural Political economy damage Economic boom follows Polity Market Economic Warfare- an intense, coercive disturbance of the economy of an adversary IPE International Political Economy aimed at diminishing its power Economic sanctions as an example of In the past, High politics security, etc economic instrument as a tool of warfare Low politics economic issue Economic warfare can be waged Role of economy in IR? it depends who you separately from military warfare (sanctions) ask or in conjunction with an ongoing war We need better to buy guns; a source (strategic bomb, siege, blockade, etc) of power Submarine warfare in WW1 and WW2 ; We like butter; a source of welfare oil embargo (Lusitania) on Japan Prosperity as means vs Prosperity as a -Japans main reason to bomb Pearl goal Harbour GUNS VS BUTTER - a common * International Law : separates between metaphor for the national goods that are part of the war effort and those which are for civilian use Dual production possibility frontier Guns will make us powerful; butter will Use?? Problematic, what about oil that has dual only make us fat - Hermann Goering use survival or war? ( Just War Theory We can do without butter, but despite all Discrimination) our love of peace, not without arms. One
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