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Jean Yves Haine

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Introduction to Politics of International Relations Tuesday May 15, 2012 Uncertainty key feature of international relations True also for CIA, prime minister, white house, etc. They take an educated guess Most important thing we have to remember for today is uncertainty If you are a decision maker uncertainty means miscalculations 60 years ago uncertainty would have meant fear- fear of being attacked Fear is what drives most policies Uncertainty is also ignorance on the meaning of a speech or an action We have countries with different everything and they don’t share the same understanding of what human rights means They have to find a common meaning Globalization second theme of the course It is about connection between different entities The world is interconnected They are so intertwined so the only thing they have is to cooperate They cannot afford competition Homeland defense department We are living in the shadow of 9/11 and what happens after 9/11 20 years ago it was about how we can promote democracy In Africa it’s about functioning state th First week assignment- June 5 - 15% Two midterms- 20% each Take home essay- 25% First midterm short answer and essay And second midterm is essay Trying to better understand a decision or an event: 3 fundamental events - Decision to drop the job in 45 against japan - Fall of berlin wall - Attack on 9/11 August 5, 1945 the states dropped a bomb in two places in japan That was the first and last time a nuclear weapon was used It ended World War 2 and changed the world for
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