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The notes for the february 1 - the week of jan 31

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
John Haines

POL208 Tues jan 31 2 mil ppl protesting in Cairo matter of rejoicing As always when there is sometimes like revolution, there are deep root causes and some more immediate causes Root causes: autocratic regimes managed to alienate 90% o pop. Tunisia- this coupled with kleptocracy, the royal family hijacking a huge portion of the economy. Economic crisis brewing in this region level of corruption + general awareness of pop that no the same elsewhere Immediate factor: student in Tunisia started it. The point is that it succeed the ppl didnt ask the ruler to leave the country, its the military did that, it succeeded Egypt consequences fairly obvious Asked for one thing, departure of Mubarak - he tried to save regime by putting new cabinet+ vice pres. this attempt unlikely to succeed Crucial factor: the world beyond. Is the army ready to save the regime, to shoot its own citizens. Early demonstrations army refused to use force crucial factor Why were these regimes accepted by big powers and received a label of legitimace for so long: Tunisia: france is key partner, their position is its bin ali or bin laden key is stability of regime. Otherwise would have lead to rise of unacceptable tyrannical power. Therefore bin ali accepted as leader. Nations putting premium on stability rather than dem . Message to bin ali: were ready to help u crush these demonstrations. Tunisia demonstrations = success Role of new media: fb, twitter influenced these events. Info travelling faster. Seen by a lot more ppl with internet Howevs, with Egypt, since last Saturday, theres no internet, theyve cut it off. Gov also trying to close don al jazeera office, imp media centres. Regime is targeting internet and al jazeera shows coup of new media. Al jazeera still broadcasting from Qatar.
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