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Political Science
La Haine

POL208 LECTURE 2 2012-05-17 Globalization - Definition o A historical process involving a fundamental shift of the special scale of the human social organization o This transformation links distant communities and it expands the reach of power relations across regions and continent o Drive by technology, culture and economics o Since it is a process it can be reversed (nothing is automatic)  Constantly changing at a rapid pace, focus on intelligence and education for survival  Ex. 2008 Financial Crisis  Ex. II “the Great Illusion” by Norman Angell • Written in 1910 • Focused on European integration • Thesis was integration and increased trade makes conflict simply irrelevant • European nations trade too much to ever want to go to war with each other  Collapse of USSR • Soviet Satellite States dependant only on the USSR lost much after the USSR collapsed as Russia was the primary market • Nations such as Finland quickly adapted and restructured their policies and values o Education focused on scientific and technological innovation o The outcome was Nokia - Positive o More open one is the more benefits one can have  Trade • New markets • Technological innovation/competition  Immigration  Diverse culture  Information globalized • Internet makes information quick to access and widespread  Increasing Interventionist Policy • Protect human rights aboard • Help development o India and Brazil  Rising super powers  100s of millions have been pushed out of poverty  Diminished the gap between rich and poor on the state to state level • Some still believe there are issues of justice and inequality • An increase in the gap between rich and poor within these nations on an individual level - Negative o Not all people/states have such an open mind  Clash of Civilizations • Decreased immigration o Identity crisis  Migrant Nation of one homogenous ethnicity/culture and society questions its identity with increased immigration o Clash of cultural/religious values  Denmark Prophet Mohammed Cartoons • Increased terrorism o Global cultures and politics interacting with radicalized, tribalized nations that are opposed to outside more modern influence  To Big to Fail • One Failure = Systemic Failure • Banking System o When one bank fails all the trust customers have with the entire industry freezes • Housing Bubble in America o People were being lent money by banks that they could not repay o Iceland government were bankrupt because the Iceland private banks put in so much money into American economy and lost its money and had to be taken over by the Iceland federal government • American Automotive crash o GM, Chrysler • SARS o China’s refusal to acknowledge the disease and share its knowledge of it allowing it to spread
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