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Political Science
Lilach Gilady

POL208Y1 Lecture 2 1 September 17 2012The Battle of AntietamSeptember 17First time that a photographer at the end of the war first time people witness a news event Last Week we spoke about modelsScientists use models to simplify reality o They build a model that allow us to understand what really is going on o We try to identify causal relationships We search for a way to cut reality and make it into more manageable pieces In Search of an Analytical KnifeEvery model by definition omits certain dimensions of realityEvery model therefore includes implicit fundamental assumptions on what matters most o Not always written at the top of the memo o When we read arguments as critical thinkers to think why does this matter and this was omitted o Importantthere will always be more than one way to look at realityThere is always more than one way to cute the cake o There is more than one truth o Theres always an argument debate and shades of greyWe will learn different ways to look at reality but that doesnt mean other models that look at reality are invalid Everyone has a reason to choose what they have chosen o There are too many viable and things are too complexA map is a model of reality o ie geology and principal minerals of Ontarioit does not tell us where the trees are where the roads are etc but it can tell us where we should drill for mineso This way we have to distinguish what we are trying to look for Correlation vs Causation Theory is a model A good model will have 1 Descriptionfor example the map of Ontario shows us the description but doesnt explain anything 2 Explanation
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