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Political Science
Lilach Gilady

POL208Y1 1 Lecture 1 September 10Introduction to International RelationsWe encounter international relations every day for example when we cross borders We ignore the small things that are part of international relations like the treaties that have been made in order for you to cross those World War IJune 1916 biggest artillery bombardment in history for 6 days At the morning of July 1 just before 730 am there are two huge explosions which start the war Four months later the British and French stop this madness In order to understand what brings us to these catastrophes we see the rise of education on IR We want to scientifically study war in order to make sure it never happens again World War I was not the end of all warsSecond World War was a greater death tollIR as a discipline still hasnt found a silver bullet to end all warsToday IR is not solely focused on war but it is where it startedEnd of World War II and the intro of nuclear weapons o Urgency to solve a catastropheMany imperatives the desire to understand war and how states conflict with eachtoher Many historians have written about war in the previous days o ie Machiavelli Hobbes Adam Smiththey all tried to provide an answer to why war and how we can potentially stop itWhat is potentially new is how we study IR more scientifically political scientists Political Science what is it and whyIR does the best approximation of science that we canHistory is our laboratory of experiments in order to test our hypothesisIR deals with one of the most complex structures of all sciences Explaining an EventIe a car accident the driver that caused the accident the driver mechanical failure the vehicle weather condition road itself is a problem economic structures and the other driver Each are explanations of the events systematically sort of the effects They all may be true and they all might contributeLevels of AnalysisSystematic organization of factsJ David Singer 1960 o Domesticinternational
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